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SugarCRM Integration

Proper customer relationship management can be crucial to success or failure of your enterprise. In any business customer relationship management is a vital part of the business process.

  • With all means of communication (phone, email and online orders) it might be extremely difficult to manage all your customers and maintain integrity in all your records without unnecessary redundancy. Keeping information about your customers in different places and systems can create information islands and some data might eventually become duplicated. In such cases changing information in one place will make information in all other systems inconsistent. Manual exchange between those systems will result into errors and will consume a lot of time.
  • Integrating all you customer data into one central place such as you CRM system will make you CRM not just a toy but a valuable tool.
  • We offer tight integration of SugarCRM with your phone systems (VOIP), accounting systems, web sites (shopping cart, CMS) or Office applications.

Integration can be performed on any or a combination of the following levels:

  • Data-level integration
  • User interface-level integration
  • Application-level integration
  • Method-level integration