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Sugar Appliance

SugarCRM Server combines simplicity of design with an enterprise-grade turn-key solution. For companies who view their customer information as too valuable to entrust to a third-party vendor but only have limited IT expertise, SugarCRM Server offers a turnkey solution for companies who would like to access their CRM from a web browser but want to keep their customer assets in house.

Enterprise CRM Without Enterprise IT Resources

SugarCRM Server dispels the false choices presented by other CRM vendors. No more forced upgrades or blocks of downtime. As a complete hardware and software solution, organizations can manage their Sugar appliance with minimal IT resources.

Fast Deployment

SugarCRM Server is a turn-key CRM solution. We have taken care of the hardware and software configuration. Find a power outlet, point to a web browser and you are up and running.

Secure Data with Less IT Resources

SugarCRM Server sits behind your secure firewall. No more worries about data integrity, shared servers, or corporate takeovers. With SugarCRM Server, you have the control and the peace of mind that your CRM system is in good hands - yours.