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Sugar for Marketing Directors
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As a marketing director we know you want to make the most of your campaigns. Are your campaigns generating valuable leads and what happens to those leads?

SugarCRM makes sure you get maximium return on investment per campaign by ensuring you get the most leads and they go right to the right sales person at the right time. SugarCRM can track a sale through its entire life cycle. Even if the lead converts a long time in the future, if they were initially part of a marketing campaign the conversion and ROI for that sale will be tracked all the way back to the initial campaign giving you a clear and accurate audit trail for all your marketing activities.

  • How many leads do we generate?
  • What is my ROI?
  • What happens to all our leads?
  • How successful was our last marketing campaign?
  • What is the percentage of industry within our customer base?
  • How can I improve my email campaign management?
  • How do i simplify web enquiry automation?
SugarCRM gives you the power to manage, track and report on multiple marketing campaigns, email campaigns and website contact forms all from a single simple interface. SugarCRM will take the hardwork out of you marketing.

With SugarCRM and Technocentric at the centre of your marketing you can make the most out of your campaigns and increase your ROI.

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